Townsville, North QLD

Recently we headed to Townsville, North Queensland with Tourism QLD and Tourism Townsville to explore the region and showcase its beauty.
Luckily this trip we got to bring along an extra to our usual duo, Elsa! My twin sister @Elsas_wholesomelife, Which was super fun to show her what we have been up to this past 12 months, exploring and working with tourism bodies. She brought in a fresh interest too, Food! So we got to experience much more to Townsville.
It was a lot of firsts for El, which brought so much excitement and really helped me to realise what incredible opportunities I’ve been able to experience in the past year. Sometimes you need a little bit of a reality check!

‘Oh darling, Lets be adventurers’

We all flew from Gold Coast to Cairns and collected our hire car, a quick brekky pitt stop to see my mumma and of course our beautiful pup, Cooper!
Went to my fav cafe in Cairns, Caffiend.
Before hitting the road heading south to Townsville, our first stop was at Tyto Wetlands




  1. Hey Lauren,
    Your trip to Townsville/Magnetic Island has inspired me to book a trip for my boyfriend’s birthday. I was wondering if you had any tips of must-do’s in Townsville & Magnetic Island? We love anything adventurous and exploring national parks. Your tips are much appreciated! Tae xx


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