About Me

Hello, my names Lauren.. otherwise known as Gypsea Lust on instagram

Let me tell you a little bit about me; I am 23 years old, from Northern NSW Australia.

I have a deep passion for travelling & creating imagery
I now pernamently travel the world with my partner Jack Morris  (@doyoutravel )

We have recently based ourselves in Bali, Indonesia between all our travels.

I self taught myself how to photograph over the past couple of years, and am now lucky enough to be able to use this skill and be able to work with many different clients to create unique content around the world.

My work ranges from Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle.

Any questions leave a comment below, all business enquires please send an email to: gypsea.lust@gmail.com




  1. Hi Lauren!😊
    I’m Alfonso, from Spain. I love your photos and jack’s photos too. Can you please tell me wich filtres do you use or how you edit photos? Will love a tutorial!❤
    Best whishes from Spain for you and Jack


    1. Great question! If you use preset filters, can you please tell us what applications you use? And any tips on how to make amazing content that looks so bright yet very balanced out with other photos? Please! Would be helpful!!! 😋


    2. Hey, I use Lightroom for all edits, I have consistent edits, as I’ve found my style and stick to it, save my presets and always just tweak to suit each image. hope this helps!


  2. Hi Lauren,

    I am a 16 year old who has just started blogging. I have always been a very creative-minded person with a passion for photography, editing, travel, blogging etc. The only issue I have currently is that I’m not sure where to start out in the “camera” scheme of things. I want a camera that takes super good quality shots, but don’t know where to even start because when I research cameras, most of the ones with good reviews are at an incredibly high price point. I’m just wondering if you have any recommendations for me?

    Thanks so much xx


    1. Hi, ahhh maybe canon 70D? Sorry its been sooo long since I’ve looked into smaller cameras I don’t really know whats on the market, best to go into your local camera store!


  3. Hi Lauren, your photos are amazing, well done! I was wondering which country has been your favourite that you’ve visited so far & why? X


  4. Hey Lauren!! You are such an inspiration to me. I love your work and my friends and I marvel over your amazing pictures and even though we aren’t out of high school we want to be just like you and travel the world!! We were just wondering what lenses you use, how do u take ur underwater photos and what camera do you use, I’m sorry this is so much but we have to do a project and we choose you ILY


  5. Hi, I love all your pics- your water pics in particular. May I ask which camera you would recommend for water shots? I saw you suggested Canon/Nikon is previous comments, but I’m wondering if you have a separate camera for water photographs or if you just use an underwater housing. Please and thanks!


  6. I’m curious- since you and your partner are both professional bloggers, how do you decide who gets to post which photos? Do you always take the same picture twice to feature you both respectively? I did notice that you often post the same photos as well. Does it ever get competitive?


    1. Hey,
      No its not at all competitive, if we like a oh too and we both want a photo there then we both get one, sometimes one of us post it, other times we both do, and sometimes no-one posts it! We are both there taking the pictures together, so we don’t take ownership and get competitive about it, that would take the fun away from it. We do try and mix it up and take a little bit of a different image, but sometimes theres only one really good shot of it, and we aren’t going to stop one another having the opportunity to share it if we want to 🙂


  7. Hi Lauren!
    I’m Alejandra from Colombia and your pictures really inspire , you’re cute and your pictures very beautiful, Excellent job.


  8. Hi Lauren

    What do you use to keep your hair so healthy and blonde while your travelling/in the sun a lot.
    Just want to say your blog in incredible also btw.



    1. Hey! To keep it blonde I use a toner, I don’t swim in chlorine pools, no particular shampoos or conditioners.. naturally have really fine and smooth hair. hope this helps!


  9. Hello I’m Ashley I was just wondering how do you get all this money to travel and live places? I’ve been dying to travel and I just can’t scrape up enough money to do it. Thanks!


    1. I used to just save my butt off, and travel on a reasonable budget depending how long I went for, and now I am a travel influencer, so I make money online which allows me to make money on the road.


  10. Hi Laura,

    I love your instagram and your articles 🙂 May I ask how did you grow your followers? Is there something a site/app you used? Because I know these days people would have thousands of followers, but they also follow the same amount of users. Or did you grow your followers account over time?

    Also, did you start off using hashtags too?

    Would love to know!

    fellow traveler


  11. Another photography question, since your work is so lovely! What lenses do you travel with? I’m a photographer, and have quite a few lenses, but always get torn on what to bring when I travel. It’s a lot of added weight!


  12. Hey Lauren,
    Just wondering if you could give me a tip on editing. I know you use Lightroom…..I have a trip coming up and won’t be able to take a laptop with me, so all my editing will need to be done just on my phone. I do have Lightroom on my phone, but it seems far more limited (obviously) than on the Mac. Do you have any tips or ideas on great editing apps for the phone?


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