About Me

Hello, my names Lauren.. otherwise known as Gypsea Lust on instagram

Let me tell you a little bit about me; I am 24 years old, from Northern NSW Australia.

I have a deep passion for travelling & creating imagery
I now permanently travel the world with my partner Jack Morris  (@doyoutravel )

We have recently based ourselves in Bali, Indonesia between all our travels.

I self taught myself how to photograph over the past couple of years, and am now lucky enough to be able to use this skill and be able to work with many different clients to create unique content around the world.

My work ranges from Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle.

Get in contact> gypsea.lust@gmail.com


  1. Hi Lauren,

    I am huge huge fan of ours. I am very fond of photography as well. But what lenses are your favourites , what do u use generally ?


  2. hey, uhm I am Marc Basubas from Philippines and i really am a fan of your pics on instagram. i know’you use lightroom but my question is what to adjust? im really looking forward for you to tell me tho, thank you and God bless 😀


  3. Love your work! I’m curious as to how you guys always manage to be alone in your shots? I get it when you’re on some island or so… but places like Rome and Paris..?! What do you do with all the tourists? How do you make it look like you’re alone in the city?


  4. Adore your blog and Instagram! How do you edit your photos? Would love for the photos I hang in my house to have a similar style. Do you use vsco presets in Lightroom? Any favorites or tips?


  5. Hi Lauren!😊
    I’m Simon, from Vietnam.I love your photos and jack’s photos too. Do you have a plan for the next trips ?
    Best whishes from Spain for you and Jack 🙂


  6. Hello, Lauren! I love your photos and would love to know how you managed to become a travel influencer in more detail… If you traveled on your own and someone discovered your photos and started paying you for the job or if you looked for places that might interest in what you do.


  7. Hey Lauren,
    Can you buy Lightroom as an app? Or do you buy it as a “package” and then install it?
    Do you know roughly the cost? And would you say it’s worth it?
    Your photos are amazing x


  8. How do you become a travel influencer? I do photography but I have no idea how to get clients/ get to where you are and be able to travel all over. My dream life is your life!


  9. Hii Lauren

    I’m Tia from Indonesia. I want travelling with you and your partner jack😢😢. I wish i will meet youu soon


  10. Hey!!
    I am a hug fan of yours! I have always wanted to be a travel blogger. Any tips on how to get big and take great pictures?


  11. Loved the pic where one giraffe posing for the camera and the other is sharing a meal with you guys!…. :)… Just started a blog – would love a tip or 2 from you guys :)..


  12. Hi Lauren,
    I’m also interested in photography. I was just wondering what camera you use? And if you did any courses or anything? Or if it was completely self taught and then promoted your name and photos through social media? Thanks x


  13. Hi, im Robin and i am 14 years old. Ofc im fan of your pictures but what filters do you use🙂 And i was wondering how did you start your instagram and was it hard?


  14. Hi Lauren,
    I have been followed you on Instagram for awhile, but this was my first time I clicked on your blog. I must say I like the blog more because you gave us more insight about the destinations you have been. But well… Instagram can reach more people. I found your photos really amazing without so much retouching. Keep up the good works and have a safe trip, no matter where you are going 🙂 Cheers!
    P.S.: As a full-time traveller, may I ask you a question? Do you sometimes feel homesick? I know you are travelling with your partner, but do you occasionally wish to have a few days with your family, for example, Eastern, Christmas, etc.?


  15. Bon dia
    I just disvovered your blog. Nice job! Hope one day you come to the caribbean and visit Bonaire “the divers paradise” and hopefully you like it and we meet. Wish all your travel dreams come through!


  16. Bonjour Lauren !
    Hi Lauren !

    I’m from France exactly from Marseille, I just would know how did you edit your instagram post ? Which app do you use? Which effect ?
    Je viens de France, de Marseille exactement, et j’aimerai savoir comment tu édites tes images sur instagram ? Quelle application tu utilises? Quels effets ?

    Is really hard to me to speak english but I try, just to say you hello and to say that you’re really wonderful, all your travel, you’re a lucky girl so juste enjoy !
    C’est très dur pour moi de parler anglais mais bon j’essai , juste pour te dire que tu es juste fabuleuse, tous tes voyages, tu es une fille chanceuse dont juste profite !

    I hope you will come in Marseille one day to say us hello ! http://www.marseille.fr
    J’espere que vous viendrez un jour à Marseille nous dire bonjour !

    Kiss from a fan
    LOVE xx
    Bisous d’une fan

    From Katia ♡


  17. I love your photos, Lauren! You have such a great idea and your photos really tell a story. What lenses do you usually use when you’re travelling? Isn’t it heavy to lug around different lenses?


  18. Hey Lauren! I’ve been traveling for the past 2 years while in and out of NYC to keep my day job. It’s been an exciting journey and I’d like to continue. But, I realized something that always get out of rhythm for me is my health and fitness routine. Any tips for how you stay fit in your travels? Especially for more tropical/nature places which don’t offer gyms. Or, more foreign countries were a salad isn’t most readily available.



  19. Hi. Beautiful photos! What size of laptop do you prefer? I’m considering the 13 or 15 Macbook Pros. 13 is better for portability, but 15 is more powerful for video. What do you prefer? Thanks!


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