In January we spontaneously decided to come explore Cambodia, Jacks 3rd time here and my first! We flew to Singapore & were planning to head to some Islands on the east coast of Malaysia, but after a quick last minute research we found that it was the worst time of year to visit, and there was actually no ferries or any resorts even open- oops! So then we had a few options in the air on places to visit in January and Cambodia took the win!

We arrived to Siem Reap via Bangkok & spent 3 days visiting the Temples of Angkor although we didn’t have the best weather for the first few days with unseasonal rain, but this gave us more time to sit in our hideout – Vibe Cafe, a vegan cafe hidden in the streets of Siem Reap. If you’re like me & always on the hunt for good quality healthy eating when travelling than this place is for you! Travelling so often I really have to do my best to eat as well as possible, I love to try local foods, and if I was on just a 2 week holiday of course I would indulge a little more on local foods!

The menu at Vibe cafe has a great range of options; acai bowls, Avo toast, salad & Tempe bowls etc, the smoothies are SO good & also have cold pressed juice. One of the owners met with us and explained how his sister was a nutritionist so therefore all meals were a balanced portion, the food is super filling & makes you feel amazinggg! 

We also found a local gym- Angkor muscle gym! Costs $1 to enter, and is a fully equipped gym, it’s very local and a bit old and sweaty in there but hey that’s half the fun of it! Also something I’ve never seen was paying per 10 minutes on the treadmill, it was 50c per 10 min, I did notice I was the only one using the treadmills!!

We spent only the early mornings exploring Angkor Wat and surrounding temples, as soon as the sun rises the crowds of tourists flock.

Next stop was Battambang, we took a private taxi here, there is also the option for a bus which is around $6USD, Private taxi costs us $25USD. We mainly went to Battambang to check out some small villages and get footage of children for the video we are making. The locals in the villages were so friendly and welcoming, even if the only words understood were hello.

A visit to battambang isn’t complete without going to see the thousands of bats that pour out of the cave at sunset everyday.

Also as many of you know, I’m always on the hunt for good vegetarian food- and I found an absolute gem in Battambang, Jaan Bai! We got to visit twice, I was so obsessed!! The mushroom dumplings…. mmm.

Always booking with Skyscanner!

Next up on our trip was a little stop in luxury- Song Saa Resort.

We flew from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville & were transferred to the private island of the island of Koh Rong. We spent 2 nights here in an over water villa, although it’s a 5 star luxury resort they have some incredible projects that we learnt about, and pride themselves on their sustainability. It really is a unique property!

We got to visit the local village where majority of the staff are from which is pictured below along with the resort;

Last stop- Koh Rong

The next two nights we spent on Koh Rong Island, on long beach.

The whitest sand I’ve seen in south east asia, and beautiful clear, clean water.

Perfect way to end our time in Cambodia. 


  1. Hi Lauren! I’m planning a trip to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and I’m wondering in wich hotels dos you stay in Siem Rap and Battambang.
    Thanks, best wiches guys😘


  2. Great pics guys! Loved Koh Rong especially Sok San beach my paradise. Got star struck when I saw you guys on the pier 😊

    Keep up the good work you guys are my inspo xx


  3. Looking at these photos makes me incredibly miss this place! Sok San is def the best beach I’ve ever visited in my entire life and I literally can’t wait to go back. I’m glad you enjoyed it as well xxx


  4. Lauren, you have to post the sailboat photo it’s soooo awesome!
    Also, I looooooove your pants top outfit, I really hope you’ll be sharing more fashion because I really love your style.
    I remember running into your account when you were visiting my native Poland and Cracow ages ago and now you’ve grown so much (as a photographer and as an account).
    Huge congrats! Keeping my fingers crossed for more photos to come!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Thank you so much for visiting us at Vibe Cafe . We loved having you there with us and thank you for your amazing review.
    Would love to see you again soon when you visit Siem Reap again.
    Stay healthy


  6. Hi Lauren,

    Loving these snap shots 😉

    I recall seeing the ginormous fruit bats flying from those huge trees in Battambang like it was yesterday….and it was 2012 LOL. Also, seeing the Angelina Jolie foundation building along with all the stories from local drivers who adore the woman. She is like the Queen of Cambodia, for all the love she has shown to the country and for the love the Cambodian people show to her.

    Thanks for sharing!



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