India with Beautiful Destinations

Recently we visited India with the Beautiful Destinations team & ITC hotels.
For a quick 1 week trip we visited the Golden Triangle of India.

Places visited included; Delhi, Jaipur & Agra

From sunrise at the Taj Mahal, Sunset above Jaipur, Indian Mock weddings, Holli Festival, sunrise on top of the spice market of Delhi.

It was one of the most memorable trips; being surrounded by so many talented & inspirational influencers (all linked at the bottom of blog)

Unseen and new india images below; leave a comment if you have any Q’s

“You’ll Never Know Until You Go..”

For a little more insight into the trip & what was created watch this video by @TaylorCutFilms

Influencers that joined me for a week in India;

Jack Morris (Of course)
Tara Whiteman
Alyssa Lynch
Jordan Wright
Sam Kolder
Aspyn Ovard
Parker Ferris
Nataly Osmann
Murad Osmann
Jacob Riglin
James Relfdyer
Jeremy Jauncey
Tom Jauncey
Callum Snape
Alex Stead
Nathan Henry (Canon_Photos)
Eleanor Calder
Max Hurd




  1. Absolut wonderful pictures of India! ❤ How do you retouch them, that they get this dreamy kind of look? VSCO Film?

    kiss from Swissy, Gloria


  2. Wow… These pictures are just amazing… Some day i wanna roam the world… Take pictures…
    This is really inspiring…


  3. Hey!!! Is there a boat that you are taking on the water or a pier? I loooooved it… and also your Sari, so beautiful!!!


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