1. Amazing Post! I am so happy to read the full story behind your job and how you started 🙂 do you think it would work now as well? when instagram isn’t that new anymore? 🙂 (dont know if that sentance makes sens 😀 hope you understand)
    Love from Germany ❤


    1. But how can I stand out?
      I really love taking pictures but I think right now I need this changing point that will let my account grow so that more people can find me (like the point when you started travelling with Jack 🙂 ) I don’t want to sound like someone that thinks that it is super important to have many followers but I think its because I am kind of uninspired of my life… I just really want to start travelling but fist I have to finish school 😀
      Love from Germany :*
      Just want to tell you that you and Jack are my biggest Inspiration, your pictures are on my homework planner and when I sit in school and being bored I look at them and imaging I could be in the sunshine and out exploring 😀


  2. Wow, literally a dream come true! How did you contact companies though? Did you have to do it all professionally through email and to the right person or could you do it through social media?


  3. You two live the dream life! Love looking at your photos on Instagram, they always inspire me to get outside with my own camera and take wonderful travel photos

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  4. Wow this is a dream come true, credits to the pair of you! This is such a humble and inspiring article. Keep it up guys


  5. That is an amazing story in which you love to live! I would like to learn what kind of equipments are you using for taking photographs. It is so hard to catch the light but at the same time it is also hard to show the light you were experiencing.

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  6. You said that brands / companies contact you. How do you instigate that. Do you research then than #hashtag them and wait. Im very curious about the process. You guys are amazing. I check your insta every day.


    1. Hey, no I never had to do that. I guess by my imagery, it spoke for itself, its not just about contacting them and asking to work with you, its them wanting to work with you. If your imagery is unique and has something special to it, you’ll gain followers and get noticed by companies and thats how I got work in the beginning!


  7. I love travelling…..And you are so inspirational….. Please help me and guide me for career please …….you are my role model ….I want to do my career in traveling ….I need your help


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