Interview with GoldCoast Bulletin

Whilst in Ibiza we jumped on a quick call with Jemma Galvin from the Goldcoast Bulletin for a story on Jack & I


Full interview here:–and-how-theyve-turned-to-a-life-on-the-road/news-story/eada64ffef8cb698bbce65b87e9b31dd


  1. We’ve briefly chatted on Instagram before, and I would love to do this with my life (just not quite ready), assuming you take images of each other, who takes the images of you two together? If it’s a tripod I’ll be quite impressed. Always looking forward to your guys’ posts on Insta, huge inspirations!

    Ps. I didn’t know you were only TWENTY THREE! What?! Your only two years older than me & traveling to insane places. Good on ya!


  2. hi, my name is andrea and I’m 15 years old, I would love to get some advice on what you did to get to this amazing point in your life because I would love to be like you, to be happy to do my job. I don’t want to be stuck behind a desk doing paperwork or things like that. I want to travel, take pictures, and write about the places I visit!


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