Hawai’i > Oahu

We finally have made it to the Islands of Hawai’i. Can’t believe it took us this long to make it to this beautiful paradise!

First Island stop is Oahu. This is the most commonly travelled to Island for young Australians, with direct flights here with our budget airline, Jetstar. We hired a Jeep & headed straight to the north shore to our first location Turtle Bay Resort.

Along the way we checked out some iconic spots including Pipeline & Sunsets. I was just on the lookout for scenes from Blue Crush.. Yeeep childhood fav movie, always made me think I could become a pro surfer! 😛
We stayed at Turtle Bay Resort for 2 nights- wish we didn’t have to leave!
We got to go sunset horse back riding, and had a beautiful sunset dinner at Pa’Akai Restaurant.
Days were spent exploring the coastlines & snorkelling with Honu (Sea Turtles)



Daily dose of Acai bowls, but to be honest.. I had far better Acai bowls all over Hawaii then the much raved Haleiwa Bowls.. But I could have just got them at a bad moment..

The food trucks across the North Shore were my absolute favourite! We ate every meal when not at the resort from them, This cute Indian one pictured above was my fav! it was in Haleiwa.

Turtle Bay Resort- Room with a view


Turtle Bay


View From Our Room at Turtle Bay Resort


Waimea Shore Break

After two nights we drove back to down the Southern end of the Island to the iconic Waikiki, This is the central tourist location, and it is BUSY!
Ill have to say this wasn’t my favourite location across Oahu, only because I much prefer natural beauty, and this beach in lined with resorts, restaurants and shops.
Had to be visited though, and Hiring a surf board and catching some small waves is so much fun in Waikiki.

We stayed at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach, and these overhead shots of Waikiki Beach were taken from the roof top. Such incredible views over the whole bay.

We went to Lanakai for the morning and did the Lanakai Pillbox trail, which is a must in my opinion, the hike is rather easy and the views are insane. The colours of the water from up above are so vibrant. We did it around mid morning, Sunrise or sunset I’m not sure which is better, would be special, although the water wouldn’t have the same great light over it.






  1. I love your blog and Insta sooo bad *.* and also your Pictures on snapchat i am just obsessed with how much you travel and i hope so bad that i will be able to do it after School as well 🙂 Can i ask you how you efford to travel so much? Is it your Job? Do you get payed for staying in These Hotels or what do you work?
    I´m just interested because i am looking for my dream Job and if travelling could be a part of it I would love it ❤
    Thanks for your answer and sorry for my english 😀
    Love from Germany
    Pauline 🙂


  2. I’ve just rad your About Me Post and know I would love to know how you got to the Point that you get collaborations? Is it just because of Instagram, cause your Blog is pretty new… 😀 sorry for so many questions 🙂


  3. Hi Lauren, did you go to Maui on your stay in Hawaii? We are heading over in oct and would love some advice on where to stay. 😀


  4. I love your Blog! I saw your picture by Fernwehcollectiv and fall in love with your account. Did you use a drohne for some of your pictures? With one you use?
    Love to see more from your travels xx


  5. Hi Lauren,
    Beautiful post ans beautiful pictures. I’ll be in Hawaii next April so this is really inspiring.
    I also love your outfit (green maxi skirt and crop top). Where did you get them?
    Greetings from Belgium,


  6. hi!! my names lily and i’m so totally in love with all of your pictures. i saw on a previous comment that you used the canon 5d or the nikon d750 for the surfing at sea pictures and my questions is how you didn’t get them wet?? or if they’re waterproof or not?? Thanks! xoxox


  7. Hi, firstly you have some stunning photos on your blog and instagram, very impressive. Secondly, in an earlier comment you say you use an underwater housing for your Canon 5d, which model do you have? I have a Canon 5d Mk2 and would like to take some photos in situations where it may get wet!

    Thanks in advance, Jim.


  8. Hi sweet girl! It’s Elana (@elanaloo on social). We have chatted quite a few times on Instagram but I am just realizing that you also have a BLOG! How awesome! I am wondering. . . Do you + Jack ever plan to release presets? I know that you have created your own that you use on imagery and am curious! You two have such iconic styles + I love how you work with light, color + texture! Thought I would check in and ask. Many mahalos, my dear xoxo


  9. Hi I love this post. I was wondering if you have any tips
    For traveling on a budget. I’m 18 and definitelty have severe wanderlust.


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