Hello Samoa!

Samoa, the home of natural BEAUTY.

Salamumu Beach, Upulo

When you day dream of your Paradise, well Samoa is the day-dream come true! Coconut Palms surround every inch, with warm salty blue waters, coral coastlines and the friendliest smiles.

Salamumu Beach, Upulo

My partner Khy and I set off to Samoa in late February for 3 weeks, we explored all around the two islands of Samoa, Upulo and Savai’i. We rented a Rav 4 for the entire time from Apia, the capital of Samoa. Which I feel is essential if you want to see all of the beautiful island, you can never get too lost while driving around Samoa, on Upulo there is one main road that goes around the outside of the entire island and two roads that cross the centre, savai’i is even easier with just one main road around the entire island.

South Pacific Rentals

We arrived at Upulo and spent the first 8 nights at The Samoana Resort- which is situated on the southern end of Upulo at Salamumu Beach- certainly one of my favourite spots on the island, the resort is small with 7-8 beach front bungalows and then a surf house behind, I could not recommend staying here enough, the ocean infinity rock pool is a stunning spot to watch the sun go down.

Samoana Resort Infinity Pool
Samoana Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool View

The Samoana offers free hire of snorkel gear, kayaks etc. The Beach straight out the front of the resort has a small sandy bay that opens out to the reef, it is flat and calm perfect for kayaking and snorkelling, the waves break approx 30-50 metres from the shore.

Kayaking out the front of the Resort
Reef Break Samoana Resort
Reef/Samoana Resort
Sunsets from Samoana Resort

The reef out the front of the resort was some of the most beautiful I seen around. A lot was damaged in the recent cyclone, and with the locals standing on the reef to fish in areas has damaged the reef, as this is one of their main food sources. The bungalows have outdoor rock showers, makes you feel as though your showering in nature. The resort has a restaurant/ bar and pool table overlooking the gorgeous beach, they also offer daily tours. One night a week is the fiafia night- traditional food, show and teachings, I would recommend this as you learn heaps about their culture history and traditions.

Salamumu Beach
Reef Salamumu Beach
Outdoor Shower Samoana Resort
traditional Fia Fia Night
Sunset from the water of salamumu beach
Hammocks at Samoana Resort


Things to do and see on Upulo:

To Sua Ocean Trench, Lotofaga village, Main South Coast Road,


Top Of the Trench


To Sua Ocean Trench

The To Sua is an incredible MUST see place. It was my number one place in all of samoa. It is on privately owned property and there is an entrance fee of $ 20 Tala ($10 AUD) which is completely worth every cent, especially when you see how much hard work the owners put into the upkeep of the entire property. If you go there early enough you should be lucky to have it to yourself for some time, we were lucky enough to have it to ourselves on more than one occasion! The entire property and coastline is seriously breathtaking and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I would advise to pack a lunch and spend the day there!


Water Angels

The trench is a big swimming hole that is connected through old lava tubes to the ocean, so the water is fresh ocean water. When it is low tide you can actually swim through the caves out to the ocean, would only recommend if it is low tide, small swell and you are comfortable doing a breath hold!


Stairway to Trench


To Sua Ocean Trench


Stairway to To Sua

On the property also is a pathway down to a seaside picnic area and rock pools, stunning! Then if you follow another pathway to the left of this area and follow that down the hill/cliff you will get to some blowholes and a massive water hole surrounded by lava rock and palms, it is so surreal. We were told some Samoans call this spot, heaven. It’s so beautiful it’s what they imagine heaven to look like. The short walk here is very scenic so have your camera on hand!


Heaven, Left pathway from the trench




Coastline to the left of the Trench


Coastline to the right of the Trench


Pathway to Heaven

After exploring the main island of Upulo for 8 days we took the car ferry over to the other island Savaii; the car ferry goes every 2 hours and it is recommended to prebook if you have a car with you. We decided to take our hire car over with us rather than alternatively hiring another over there as the rate was discounted the longer you hire and the ferry wasnt too expensive.

The ferry trip takes 1.5 hours and costs around $50AUD each way for two adults & a small car

There is one main road that goes around the entire island, i recommend if you have a car to take the drive around. We stayed at Stevensons at Manase for the first 3 nights & Viasala 3 nights also.

Stevensons is located on Manase Beach which is a stunning beach, in terms of the resort itself I wasnt overally impressed with it


  1. Your trips around the world look great, I’m so jealous! And your pictures are amazing! I was just wondering what you use to take the half under water, half over water pictures?


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